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Clip of the comparison between McKayla Maroney’s vault and Kohei Uchimura’s vault. (Requested by: thesoundofsunshine.)






this photo look familiar? its of my sister and I. I posted it not long ago, and its since gotten 1000+ notes on Tumblr and counting. The caption of the photo is talking about our bond, and how strong my sister is for continuing to fight her battle of cancer everyday of the past 5 years. Since I posted the photo, my sister lost her battle. She passed away on the 20/12/11 at 8:49pm in my arms. My sister was my bestfriend, and I want to continue to honor her. Reblog to keep my sisters spirit alive for as long as possible, she deserves it. Everyone to reblog this will be watched over by her tonight <3

i don’t want you to follow me if you can scroll past this. 

Oh my God.. I’m freaking crying right now… Bless you..

awww omfg.

if this isn’t on your blog today im judging you